What is a "bibliophile"?
A collectively admitted definition is the following: a bibliophile is a passionate amateur who looks for beautiful books, autographs and rare and precious manuscripts.
The bibliophile has always been differentiated from the « bibliomaniac » and the « scholar » who amass volumes with no consideration of rarity, value or condition.
The bibliophile pays attention to the text but also to the binding. He will prefer an important text, a great classic or an interesting text and will try to find it only in a contemporary and good condition.
Bibliophily,, a" reasoned passion as Anne Lamort pputs it, can first be characterized as the love of rare and precious books; these unique books that will deeply touch the collector.
Generally speaking, the bibliophile succeeds in making of his love for books a travelling companion that will follow him his lifelong.

If bibliophily can be taught and passed on, it rarely leaves one man alone when they once met.

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