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Frère François Feu-Ardent
Entremangeries ministrales,

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First edition of this “very rare book” (Morgand et Fatout)
that violently denounces the divisions between Protestants.

The Méon and Charles Nodier copy,
preserved in its attractive old Derome binding
in green morocco.


Feu-Ardent, frère François. Entremangeries ministrales  c’est-à-dire contradiction, injures, condamnations et execrations mutuelles des ministres et prédicants de ce siècle. Suivi de : Réponses modestes et chrétiennes aux aphorismes et furieuses répliques de J. Brouaut. Followed by : Réponses au découvreur des prétendues falsifications  de F. Feu-Ardent
Caen, Tite Haran, 1601.

12mo [148 x 87 mm] of (8) ll., 312 pp. (misnumbered 314).

Full green morocco, triple gilt fillets around the covers, fleurons in the corners, flat spine decorated with gilt fillets and fleurons, decorated leading edges, inner gilt roll-stamp, gilt over marbled edges. Derome binding.

First edition of this “very rare book” (Morgand et Fatout) denouncing the divisions between Protestants.

Decorated with ornemental head pieces, fleurons and engraved initials. Also a full-page motif with interwoven foliated scrolls. “On pp.72-73 the names of the Autheurs desquels sont recueillies les Entremangeries des predicans, p.74, un charmant dessin gravé sur bois can be found.”

A very rare and curious book.” (Catalogue Félix Solar)

Brunet, 1240 ; Bulletin Morgand et Fatout, 9220 ; Graesse, Trésor de livres rares et précieux, 574 ; Répertoire chronologique, R. Arbour, IV, 19369 ; Répertoire des ouvrages de controverse entre catholiques et protestants, 310 ; Catalogue du duc de La Vallière, 927 ; Mémoires pour servir à l’histoire des hommes illustres, Nicéron, 25 ; Catalogue Félix Solar, 284.

A Cordelier known for his virulent declamations against Henri III and Henri IV and one of the fiercest Ligueurs.” (Michaud)

Denouncing the divisions that reigned amongst Protestants, Feu-ardent (1541-1610), as he explains, had collected the substance of his “entremangeries” among a hundred or so pastors, including Luther, Melanchton and Théodore de Bèze. In this book that “made a lot of noise in the 16th century” (J. M. V. Audin), he highlights the contradictions in the Lutherian and Calvinist doctrines.

This copy is mentioned by Brunet and the Bulletin Morgand et Fatout.

The Bulletin du bibliophile also mentions this copy :

“A beautiful copy having belonged to Méon and Charles Nodier. First edition of a curious text. What joy our old Ligueur must have felt when reuniting the material that would help him write this book he playfully titled “Entremangeries ministrales” !”

The Entremangeries are only 75 pages long ; they are followed by the “Réponses modestes et chrétiennes aux aphorismes et furieuses répliques by J. Brouaut”. The book also contains a third part titled : “Réponses au découvreur  des prétendues falsifications de F. Feu-Ardent”.

Feu-Ardent was a fervent Protestant advocate and the Calvinists somewhat feared him. “Bèze, he says, calls me “Muddled” ; but what good is such a word to apologize for the two hundred mistakes and contradictions that I have accused him of.” (Bulletin du bibliophile, Janvier 1859, n°657)

A precious copy, preserved in its attractive old green morocco binding by Derome.

Provenance : A Jesuit College with handwritten ex-libris on the title page, library of Méon, library of Charles Nodier, with ex-libris on end papers.

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