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Marot, Clément
Les Œuvres,

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Clément Marot, the only light in these years of
vulgar [i.e French] poetry” (Ronsard).

Precious partly first edition of the Œuvres by Clément Marot
given by Estienne Dolet in 1543.

A remarkable copy preserved in its contemporary
ivory vellum, with wide margins.


Marot, Clément. Les Œuvres… augmentées d’ung grand nombre de ses compositions nouvelles, par cy devant non imprimées.
Lyon, Estienne Dolet, 1543.

2 parts in 1 volume 8vo [152 x 100 mm] of (304) and (76) ff., round characters.

Ivory vellum, flat spine, leading edges chiseled with a lace of gilt fillet containing small flowers in gilt. Contemporary binding.

Partly first edition, “the third published by Etienne Dolet, with Clément Marot’s authorization. In addition to the previous ones, it contains the translations of twenty new psalms — which makes 50 in total —; The “Second Livre de la Métamorphose d’Ovide” and six new pieces, enumerated in detail in the catalogue Herpin (n°36). — See also the cat. H. de Backer, n° 220.” (Tchémerzine)

“Third edition by Dolet, as rare as the previous ones; the additions make up a new part of 76 ll. ; on the verso of the 76th is Dolet’s seal.” (Brunet, III, 961)

L’Épistre du Coq en l’Asne envoyée à Lyon Jamet de Sansay en Poictou, that was removed from the 1542 Dolet edition is here published in the second part. Marot made numerous changes to his previous pieces ; his translation of the first 30 psalms was completely revised.

Stamp of Étienne Dolet on the title and on the verso of the last leaf.

“What gives great literary and monetary value to this Estienne Dolet edition are the “Compositions nouvelles” that were added by the poet.”

Non pas du sérieux, du tendre, ni du doux ;
Mais ce qu’en français on nomme bagatelle,
Un jeu dont je voudrai Voiture pour modèle,
Il excelle en cet art : Maître Clément et lui
S’y prenaient beaucoup mieux que nos gens d’aujourd’hui” (La Fontaine)

“Sing for us
Nothing tender, soft or serious;
But what in France we call bagatelle
A game I would want Voiture for a model,
As he excels in this art; he and master Clement
Mastered it so much better than today’s gents.” (La Fontaine)

A precious copy with wide margins (height: 158 mm), preserved in its contemporary vellum, the most enviable condition, very rare.

The Librairie Sourget never catalogued the 1543 Dolet edition. In May 2000, 19 years ago, it presented two copies of the 1542 Dolet edition – of similar value — the first one bound in contemporary chafed roan [n° 42 – 95 000 FF (around 14 500 €)], the second bound by Capé in 19th century morocco [n° 43 – 75 000 FF (around 11 500 €)].


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