Our Christmas showcase

Dear bibliophile friends,

Christmas is coming…

Here is our temporary showcase displaying beautiful bindings and illustrated books.

You’ll find there Ludolphus de Saxonia’s Vita Christi (1478),
a beautiful incunable
preserved in its contemporary binding.

Sabellico’s Le Historie venetiane (1554) kept in its superb contemporary venetian binding.

The first edition of the Portugese discoveries by Goes (1566-1567)
preserved in a fantastic inlaid binding by Gruel.



Also presented there are Braun and Hogenberg (1576-1606)’s beautiful illustrated book
with its 300 views of Renaissance towns in rich contemporary coloring
and an amazing large paper copy of Histoire naturelle des oiseaux by Buffon in contemporary coloring.

Please come and visit us at our bookstore, 1 rue de l’Odéon, Paris 6th
where we’ll be happy to show you these beautiful copies.

Best wishes,

Amélie & Juliette.


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